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A Last Ditch Flight by Lost Astronaut is out now! Listen here:

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Who is Lost Astronaut?

Lost Astronaut is the solo project of Kole McRae based in Toronto. It's basically New Wave, but since no one uses that term anymore we'll call it "Retrowave" or "Synth pop", whatever floats your boat. The synths are funky, the vocals are technically in tune and the songs are catchy (also short).

Kole learned piano via jazz and blues instead of the traditional classical route, so his synth playing is improvised and loose. It gives the music an upbeat feel that likens back to Thomas Dolby (She Blinded Me With Science!) or Depeche Mode (Okay, maybe "upbeat" isn't how one would describe them, but I think you get what I mean!).

While Kole can totally play his music live, since the project was created during the pandemic, the only folks who have heard it done that way are his wife and whatever unlucky neighbors overheard during the recording process.


"Playful mood, 80's vibes, a new wave/synth-pop treat"

"A colorfully crafted electronic and rock outing that is well produced and a lot of fun"

"Love the synth work. The drum machine pulse. The precise lead vocal delivery with tight backing vox harmonies. Immersive and introspective lyrics. Quick flowing yet dynamic arrangement. Avant garde. Well crafted. Props are due!"

"Strong vocals and an atmospheric and creative production. "

"A chilled out synth jam with some colorful arrangements and production. 80s sound and influence that is a lot of fun."

"Nice lush texture, has a retro-tinged vibe"

"This glitchy and sparkly production was super fun"

"Liked the clarity of the vocal delivery and the space age feel. Nice ethereal electronic textures and beat"

Somewhere Safe Official Video!

Watch the official music video for Somewhere Safe, the first single off the album! Click here.

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Music video director and cinematographer: Shawna O'Flaherty. Everything else copyright 2021 Lost Astronaut.