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Who is Lost Astronaut?

Lost Astronaut is the retro synth heavy solo project of Kole McRae from Toronto. The debut album tells the story of an astronaut abandoned and lost in space, trying to survive and find his way home.

Somewhere Safe Official Video!

Watch the official music video for Somewhere Safe, the first single off the album! Click here.

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"A chilled out synth jam with some colorful arrangements and production. 80s sound and influence that is a lot of fun."

"Nice lush texture, has a retro-tinged vibe"

"This glitchy and sparkly production was super fun"

"Liked the clarity of the vocal delivery and the space age feel. Nice ethereal electronic textures and beat"

Album art by Shakaw. Music video director and cinematographer: Shawna O'Flaherty. Everything else copyright 2020 Lost Astronaut.